How to speed up your slow pc

regcurepro keySo how do you speed up your PC?

Well this is one question that I have ponded on for a long time, because there is just some much to learn about optimizing your pc.

Anyway, after a lot of research and searching on Google I found that Windows PC’s tend to get slow over time as you use it, because you get errors in file or error in your registry settings.

Some of the more common problems that you’ll face is errors in these 3 areas.

System errors

System errors can be responible for crashes or your screen freezing up on you. Sometimes you might also experience a phenomena called the “blue screen of dealth” and apart from being a pain in the “A” it can actually mean you have more of a problem with your pc.

Now, unless you know a lot about computers fixing these types of problems can be extremely time consuming and difficult.

Defragging your memory

Now, I had heard about defragging your hard drive, but not about doing the same for your memory. But apparently, sometimes your computer will store files in your pc’s memory in a hidden place and then when it comes time to recall the file it can sometimes get it’s knickers in a twist.

Fixing Registry Error

speedypc pro keyNow you might have heard about errors in your registry settings and if you are anything like me then it’s gonna be difficult to make head or tail of one problem to the next.

Registry settings seem to be a rabbit hole one wonder for me. And if you make a change it can either do wonders from your pc or be devastating. So if you are thinking of fixing your registry settings yourself, then move with caution.

I have spoken about only 3 of the most common reasons why your computer might get bogged down and go slow, but there are a whole rather of other reasons why this might also occur including having Malware, Viruses, Adware and Spyware.

The list might be longer, but those are definitely the most common.

In the past you would have had to talk your pc into a computer shop to get one of the techy guys to fix it for you. And if you have got a couple hundred bucks to throw around then go right a head and use this method, however, what if there was a way for you to do it yourself.

But I don’t have a technical bone in my body.

That’s okay, because you can still fix your computer yourself using a niffy little program called Regcure Pro. Now I have used this program and it works a treat.

But, another program that works just as well as Speedy PC Pro Key, either one of these programs will only cost you around $30 for a full version and will scan and indentify all these common issues and fix the automatically for you.

Find them at

So what if there were a way for you to clean up your pc yourself.

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Frequency is the range of sounds it can play – the human ear, in general, can only hear about 20HTz – 20Khz – that doesn’t mean higher and lower frequencies aren’t better, however. The larger the frequency range, the better the audio will be. The lower the hertz, the better the bass and low sounds will be. The higher the kHz the better and clearer the higher sounds headphones will be.

In-line remote is iPod and iPhone compatible, allowing control of volume and playback, as well as placing or receiving calls and activating SIRI. It has 3 main buttons. No one wants a smartphone style option display on a headphone cord, so 3 large buttons is as far as should go. The remote is also an inline mic and doubles for controls that come with an Apple approved MFi chip to give you hands free access to some of the deeper features in your iPhone (sorry Android users).

The Ghost Bee adds a new level of versatility to a typically straightforward headphone experience. It can stream music wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device as well as blast audio directly from larger speakers when docked and charging. The Ghost Bee will sell headphones for

If you want to use the Skullcandy Icon 2 with an iPhone or any other music phone, you’ll be pleased to hear that the headset contains an inline microphone, plus a call answer button for added convenience. Each earphone’s color-matching Y-cable also ends in a golden-plated straight plug, and the wire itself is extra thick, with a cloth covering, to ensure durability. The Skullcandy Icon 2 will go well with your music phone, and the cord won’t wear out anytime soon.

The AKG K340 headphones do have a few positive components- an inline volume slider, a hard-sided carrying case that will probably outlast its contents, and a reinforced housing around the gold-plated straight plug. Although the AKG K340 headphones look pretty cheap, they probably won’t break, even if the sound quality diminishes. The cord has plenty of length, with a measure of 40 inches, and every bit of it will rub against your body and create interference- not a good thing during a workout.

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